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Erotiq Perfume (W) New Formula

Erotiq Perfume (W) New Formula


Introducing the new and improved Erotiq Perfume for women, now with a reformulated formula that leason the strong pheromone scent while still providing the same irresistible allure. This seductive fragrance combines a unique love pheromone with a feminine rose/sour blend to enhance your natural charm and increase your seductive aura. With Erotiq Perfume, you can effortlessly seduce without even trying, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Elevate your confidence and sensuality with this must-have addition to your perfume collection. Experience the power of pheromones with the alluring scent of Erotiq Perfume.

Notes: its pheromone content gives it a slightly rose-sour pheromone scent. This smell is strong at the point of application but fades over the next few minutes. We recommend combining unscented Magnetiq Classic.

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