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Blush  (W)  formally sugar baby
  • Blush (W) formally sugar baby


    Introducing Blush (formerly Sugar Baby) - the pheromone-infused perfume that is designed to attract generosity. This enchanting fragrance is perfect for those who want to exude an aura of sweetness and charm. With its sweet and delicate scent, Blush is sure to capture the attention of those around you and inspire acts of kindness and giving. Whether you're looking to attract the generosity of potential partners or simply want to bring more abundance into your life, Blush is the perfect choice. Try Blush today and experience the power of pheromones to attract the generosity you desire.


    Scent profile:


    As the fragrance settles, the base notes unveil a dreamy finish. Imagine the nostalgic sweetness of cotton candy, seamlessly blending with rich, indulgent caramel. This dessert-like sensation is further enriched by the creamy warmth of vanilla, balanced by a whisper of powder. The finale is completed with subtle hints of musk and a touch of woodsy notes, adding depth and sophistication.


    Together, these notes create a harmonious blend, reminiscent of a light, sugar-spun confection, tailored for the feminine spirit. It's a scent that promises to envelop you in a world of sweet, delicate, and utterly enchanting aromas.

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